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Clean-ups / Land Reclamation


We offer land reclamation and clean-up services.

Is your backyard overgrown and covered with ivy? Are shrubs, vines, and volunteer trees taking over areas of your yard? We are here and ready to help. Maybe a shady patio are or a new garden box are in your future, or maybe you just want to clean up and reclaim an area from overgrowth, but whatever the situation, we’ll do the dirty work for you, preserving desirable existing shrubs and trees,  and offering creative options to make the most of your newly accessible area.

Keep us in mind for mountain house, lake house, and other vacation property cleanup services.

Mountain House OvergrowthMountain House Cleanup

Vacation Home CleanupReclaimed Fire Ring Area Mountain House

Depending on the size, scope and location of your cleanup, our crews are available to venture outside of metro Atlanta to help you maintain your vacation properties.