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Welcome to Redwood’s Landscaping Tips


Welcome to the new Redwood Landscapes “Landscaping Tips” blog. Check back here frequently to stay up to date on seasonal landscaping issues and ideas to help your yard look its best throughout the year.

So, it’s chilly outside, most of the leaves have fallen, and most plants are dormant as we approach the new year. Not much to do until springtime right? True, this is a slower time of year, but there are a few activities that are well suited for the colder, dormant months.

Brush Clearing, Yard Reclamation, and General Cleanup 

Is there an area of the yard that has been on your “to-do” list, but just hasn’t gotten the attention it needs? These winter months are the perfect time to tackle overgrowth, out of control ivy, leftover leaf piles, and other debris. It won’t be long before spring comes and brings with it a new growing season, so now is the time to focus on clearing unwanted shrubs, sprouting trees and ground cover such as ivy. Perhaps you’re planning on adding new features to your landscape come spring, or maybe you’d just like to reclaim an area of your yard that feels more like a jungle in the middle of a hot Georgia summer. Removing thick overgrowth opens up lots of possibilities for new, more desirable plants around the yard, and also makes for a safer environment for young children and pets during the warmer months when lots of critters are active and able to hide themselves in the thick overgrowth. Besides residential land reclamation and yard cleanup, it’s also a great time to do large-scale brush clearing for empty lots and commercial properties. Redwood is happy to tackle any brush clearing or yard cleanups, large or small.

After brush and overgrowth have been cleared and you’ve reclaimed what was once lost, what comes next? In our next post we’ll talk about some of the pruning and tree work that can be done during the winter to prepare for the coming spring. It’s also great time to start planning a spring planting project. Let Redwood Landscapes help you design the look you want for your yard, and be prepared to take action and beautify your landscape come March. Get in touch today and let’s work together to make 2015 the best looking year your yard has ever seen!


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